Staff List

Find our teaching and support staff

Staff List

Find our teaching and support staff

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Head Teacher

Mrs D Cooke

Academic Deputy Head

Mrs M Watts

Operations and Well-Being Manager

Ms K Barry

School Business Manager

Mrs T Holford


Head of KS5

Mrs S Graff

Head of KS4

Mrs C Leek

Mrs K Regan

Head of KS3

Ms A Wilcox



Mrs K O'Neill


treeHover Art

Ms M Makinde - (Head of Department)

Ms L Wengrowe

Ms S Sugawara - (Art Technician) 

treeHover Classics

Miss A Barker (Head of Department)

Miss R Cowen  

Mrs S Rollo

treeHover Design and Technology

Mr A Duffey (Head of Department)

Mr S Kelly

Mrs A Brambilla(D&T Technician) 

treeHover Drama

Miss C Clarke (Head of Department)

Mrs V Levy

treeHover Economics

Mrs C Cottingham (Head of Department)

Mrs K Regan

treeHover English

Mrs E Meyers-Belkin (Head of Department)

Mrs M Watts

Mrs E Garth

Ms S Kay

Dr H Knight

treeHover Geography

Mr M Morgan - (Head of Department)

Miss F Kong


treeHover Government and Politics

Ms M Cohen (Head of Department)

treeHover History

Mr D Harbord - (Head of Department)

Mr S Thorne

Mrs S Rollo

Mrs E Bannister 



treeHover Mathematics

Mr C Martin (Head of Department)

Miss R Carley

Mrs D Cooke 

Mrs I Khan

Ms E Rosenzweig 

Ms A Sulanki

Ms A Wilcox






treeHover MFL

Mr P Haywood (Head of Department and Head of French)

Ms H Boxall

Mrs S Graff

Mr H Ross (Teacher with Responsibility for Spanish)

Mrs J Sanitt

Mr D Supperstone (Teacher with Responsibility for German)


treeHover Music

Ms K Bamber (Head of Department)

Mr M Chernick

Mrs S Silverman 

treeHover Physical Education

Miss J Rodwell (Head of Department)

Ms K Fusi

Mrs J Minter-Green

treeHover PSHE

Ms K Barry (Head of Department)

Mrs Regan 

Mrs Leek 

Mr H Ross

treeHover Psychology

Ms N Waithe

treeHover Religious Education

Mrs D Clark- Head of Department

treeHover Science

Dr S Hutton - (Head of Physics)

Dr F Faille

Miss K Baker - (Head of Biology)

Mrs N Colman 

Ms B Price

Mrs M Knight

Dr W Amon - (Head of Chemistry)

Mr A Sadiq

Miss C Mehta  

Mrs S Kadoo - (Laboratory Technician) 

Mrs R Verma - (Senior Laboratory Technician) 

Mrs S Wickramage - (Laboratory Technician)



treeHover Support Staff

Mrs J Boal - (Reprographics)

Mr D Brophy - (Caretaker) 

Mr R Cain - (Estates Manager and IT Manager)

Mr C Da Costa - (Caretaker)

Mr R Fonzo - (IT Technician)

Mrs S Pritchard - (Development and Finance Administrator)

Ms L Humeau - Librarian)

Ms S Nanan - (Exams Officer)

Mrs D Phillips - (Finance Assistant)

Miss E Heddle - (Cover Supervisor)

Mrs M Velounias - (Receptionist)  

Mrs M Sodiwala - (Admissions Officer)

Mrs S Wright - (PA to the Head) 



 treeRegular quotes-retina

The school provides an excellent education for its girls. OFSTED


A* grade at A Level 2017


A*/A grade at GCSE 2017

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