Enrichment activities


On Monday, all of Year 10 had the opportunity to participate in a Jack Petchey ‘Speak Out’ workshop and competition. It allowed us to strengthen our public speaking skills, which will be extremely useful in the future. After playing many fun games that helped us to feel more comfortable speaking in front of others, we composed speeches on a topic of our choice. We had to express ourselves fluently and persuasively, and engage our audience, which we were able to do with the advice we had received throughout the day. Hannah and Zoe 10G

10H: Winner - Sarah Itam; Highly Commended - Tanvi Joshi and Sangavi Satkunarajah

10B: Winner - Aria Pardiwala; Highly commended - Karmun Lau and Bhamini Joseph

10S: Winner - Joanna Fang; Highly Commended - Iona Salter and Nuha Ahmed

10G: Winner - Hannah Gillott; Highly Commended - Nidhi Chauhan and Zoe Steinberg

The winners will deliver their speeches in an assembly on Tuesday 16 January where one will be chosen to represent the school at the Regional Jack Petchey Speak Out Final on Wednesday 31 January. Congratulations to all the winners and highly commended students. The Jack Petchey tutors said it was very difficult to select winners as so many of them spoke really well. K Regan

Year 7 and 8 Review Day Activities Huge thanks and congratulations to our Year 13 Prefects, who ran a brilliant activity day for Year 7 & 8 on Monday. They, plus nearly fifty members of Year 12 did a fantastic job of leading a day of mixed Year 7 and 8 House Teams with a competitive twist. Throughout the morning the girls made, pitched and tested a Winter Theme Park ride, and then in the afternoon they took part in a treasure hunt, Christmas Challenges, a quiz, Just Dance and some Christmas-themed karaoke! There was much excitement and energy throughout the day and it was a wonderful start to their end of term enrichment. K Barry

Year 9 Day of Sports

Year 9 immersed themselves in a day of sport on Monday. The point groups were divided into 3 teams and every team competed in a basketball tournament, Christmas dance and Multi-gym challenges. There were superb individual and team performances throughout the day. We had 3 winners of each event and then all the results were added together to find the overall winning point group. In a close battle 9.2 won overall with 9.3 a very close second. Well done to everyone. J Rodwell

Christmas dance winners: 9.4A, 9.3B, 9.3C

Basketball tournament winners: 9.3A, 9.2B, 9.2C

Multi-gym challenge winners: 9.2A, 9.2B, 9.1C

Best multi-gym results: Stepper (250 ft) Annabel Bentley 9.2 3 minutes 11 seconds

Rower (1km) Maia Hicks 9.2 4 minutes 37 seconds

Bike (1 mile) Bathra Dinesh 9.2 4 minutes 10 seconds

Treadmill (1 km) Annabel Bentley 9.2 4 minutes 3 seconds

Cross-trainer (0.8 miles) Dell Saxena 9.2 4 minutes 47 seconds

Year 8 Inter-point Drama Competition

The annual Year 8 Drama Competition took place in the Main Hall on Tuesday 19th December. Each point group had the opportunity to perform their adaptations of a selection of Greek myths including Theseus and the Minotaur and Daedalus and Icarus. The project focuses on giving students the challenge of interpreting a task and working as a team to bring a piece to fruition. There is also emphasis on using some of the earlier work on Greek Chorus and Physical Theatre. A huge thank you to the Year 12 Judges Sophie Hilton and Lara Carter who were brilliant. They had a tough job deciding the winners and prepared some really good feedback for the girls. Awards for excellence in the following areas:

Team Players Award: Sowmiya, Hana, Eleanor, Jennifer J, Ritisha, Violeta

Design Award: Sofia, Sheyna, Mishali, Kritika, Aditi, Rameen

8.1 Award: Audrey, Breezy, Suhani, Amy, Sharani, Tunyo

8.2 Award: Dharshinii, Rebecca, Athulya, Philippa, Sabrina, Vennilah, Tatum

8.3 Award: Hannah, Saachi, Lucy, Aditi, Emma, Shreya, Vidarshana

8.4 Award: Heli, Toni, Evie, Mehak, Sakina, Alifiyah

Best Supporting Actors: Ela, Tareta, Rocio

Best Actor: Evie

Year 8 Inter-point Drama Winners 2017: 8.1

Miss Clarke and Mrs Levy would like to thank all of the Year 8 performers for their excellent commitment to the project and staff who helped supervise on the day. We look forward to our Spring Inter-form Drama Competition, which will involve all members of Year 7.

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