MFL Languages and Culture Day at the National GalleryMFL Languages and Culture Day at the National G


On Tuesday 19th December, all Year 9 students participated in the annual MFL Languages and Culture Day at the National Gallery. They were charged with looking at selections of the French, Spanish and German art in the museum, and then writing a piece or answering questions in all three languages, inspired by what they saw. We spent 2.5 hours in the exhibition rooms, which were quite empty at 10.15 on a Tuesday morning. Students wrote some fantastic language which was impressively well beyond Year 9 level, using both their colour language booklets with art criticism vocabulary and expression hints; they also looked up other expressions on their mobile phones. Rousseau, Renoir, Velásquez, Monet, Pissarro, Van Gogh, Holbein and others were appreciated. Follow @hbsmolangs for more photos. We then walked them in a 100-strong 'HBS snake' over the Thames to have lunch in the Royal Festival Hall. The girls were a delight, always good-humoured, at meeting points on time, and got on and off the tube with calm, military precision. Many thanks to the staff who accompanied so well. We look forward to deciding the three best pieces of written expression in each language and awarding prizes in the next few weeks.

P. Haywood, Head of Modern Foreign Languages

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