Vote for HBS Green Team in Good Energy Competition

Green Team

The HBS student “Green Team” entered a competition run by Good Energy where they had to describe the effects of climate change on our planet in 30 years’ time and time travel back to tell their present day selves how to correct our wrong doings. They created a survival guide as their submission and it has a blue front cover. The “Green Team” is an inter-year group of students who are passionate about raising awareness within our school and our local community about threats to our environment. We have maintained our Green Flag Award status for the past four years with our various programs which include, recycling paper and food waste, creating insect hotels for wildlife and hedgehog homes on our school grounds, running Switch Off Fortnight to help reduce our school's energy consumption, to name a few. Below is a link to the page where you can see their submission and it would be great if you felt inclined to vote for them as your favourite: or search 'Message from the Future' on the “Good Energy” website and then click on school entries and vote you will see our school's entry. Thanks so much for your support!

M Knight

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