Next stop, Kentucky, USA: HBS Robotics wins Top Awards in both Age-groups!


While the whole country was bracing itself for the snow onslaught from the 'Beast from the East', the HBS robotics teams had their heads down putting together their final preparations for the UK National finals....this might be one of the few time students were hoping it wasn't going to be a snow day! On Thursday the IQ (KS3) teams met outside Bigwood at 5am and 8 teams (40 students) caught the coach to Telford. Despite the bad weather, we arrived on time. The competition started after the robots were inspected and matches commenced at a blistering pace. Each team had 10 qualifying matches and also had to fit in judges’ interviews and presentations. As always HBS performed well on and off the field, with judges coming to seek us out to tell us about the exceptionally high quality of our teams... a very proud moment indeed. On the field, our teams worked well with their alliance partners and worked with focus and determination. 7 of our 8 teams were ranked in the top 13 after all of the qualifying matches and we had a team in each of the top three alliances. Truly outstanding!

This article from Rapid (one of the event sponsors) tells the story well: In all, the Vex IQ teams came away with 10 awards in total - a dominant performance. A list of the award winners can be found here:

Special mention to HBSvexecutioners who won the UK top honours with the Excellence award. You can see a video that captures the moment of the announcement on our twitter feed @hbsrobotics With our spirits high we travelled back down the M1 and readied ourselves for the second part of the campaign, this time with our KS4 & 5 teams. We met them at 5am on Friday and travelled via minibus back to the Telford International Centre, this time for a 2 day tournament. We had three teams competing in this league and we could honestly not be more proud of them all! They competed with steely determination, passion, perseverance and good humour. After 10 tough qualifying matches alliance selection took place and we saw all three of our teams progress to the knock-out stages of the competition. The quality of the robots was higher this year than ever before and it made the competition very exciting to watch. HBSkillerbyte formed an alliance with the QEBS teams and fought hard but got knocked out at the Semi-final stage with a nail biting three match decider, HBSevolve and HBS The Purge allied together, and did so well but also got knocked out at the semi-final stage in a three match thriller (it came down to just a few points). HBSevolve produced the drive of the season in the final match and became crowd favourites - it was so close in the end! At the end of the tournament HBS The Purge won the top honours - The Excellence Award and was a fitting tribute to an astonishing season. They also won the Think award. HBSkillerbyte were awarded the Energy award. We would like to thank all of the HBSrobotics teams for such an amazing season, you have been an inspiration to all! With Excellence in both age categories, you've also done something no other club in the UK has ever done.

Well done!

A Duffey

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