Special Mention in Translation Competition


Lidija Beric and Hiba Siddiqui (Year 13 modern linguists) received Special Mention certificates for their translations from French into English in the European Union's Juvenes Translatores competition for 17-18 year olds. In the true spirit of EU collaboration, in November, thousands of students take part together across the member states, and translate from an EU language into their native tongue. All translations are modern texts aimed at different audiences, but containing difficult expressions to render into authentic English. They are corrected by the Directorate General of Translation and, according to them, Lidija and Hiba's work showed real creativity and authenticity while remaining true to the original French text. They also showed excellent awareness of register (to whom the text is aimed) and idiom (those phrases specific to a language that need translating carefully). Not many UK students receive special mentions, so they should be rightly proud of their achievement!

P Haywood, Head of Modern Foreign Languages

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