Harrison Catering Services – One Year on!


As we approach the 1 year anniversary the canteen and café continue to thrive under Sharon and her team from Harrison Catering Services. The week before last was National Pie Week which was celebrated with Cornish Pasty Pie and Banoffe Apple Pie, all homemade on site by the team. Last week we had another Theme Day with a St Patrick’s Day menu on Thursday. We are also in for a treat on Wednesday 28th March as the team pull out all the stops with an Easter Cupcake Cart. Harrison’s are also committed to being an environmentally friendly company and reducing waste. Where ever possible their packaging is plastic free, low carbon and made using renewable, sustainably-sourced and recycled materials. The weekly menus and more information about Harrison Catering Services can be found on the website ( We’d like to thank all the catering staff for their continued hard work in making sure we get fed each day!

T Holford, School Business Manager

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