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Library Project

I have been gradually adding to our existing DVD collection and have brought them all together. New titles include adaptions of literary classics and plays as well as film dramas and biographical stories. A few of our very helpful Year 10 volunteers helped categorize the DVDs and make them easier to find. The collection, in alignment with the school’s status as a world class institution of learning, is now becoming exemplary. The collection includes both English and world cinema titles in a number of modern European languages. I have now separated out the DVD wish-list and created a unique location for it: We would be very grateful for any contributions to this burgeoning area of interest for the library. We hope that this will not only provide enjoyment and support for other studies, but also increase wellbeing and entice students to go back to original texts, in the case of literary classics. All DVDs that are donated will include a donation plate on their inside cover, and we would be very happy to receive second hand donations direct to the library.  

C Sexton, Acting Librarian 

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