Classics Society – Dr Antony Makrinos


On Monday 30th April we welcomed Dr Antony Makrinos from UCL to Classics Society to give an extremely interesting talk titled ‘Why Homer was not a misogynist'. He looked at the presentation of female characters in the Iliad and the Odyssey, including Odysseus' punishment of the maids, as well as how female authors such as Margaret Atwood and Madeline Miller have responded to the Homeric texts. While not everyone in the room agreed with all his points, he led a lively, engaging and passionate debate which many of us enjoyed taking part in. A big thank you to the classics department for organising, as always, and the talk has inspired us to lead our own session for Classics Society on gender, sexism and privilege.

Lia Joffe and Ella Millwood, Year 10 

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