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Lidija Beric in Year 13 won a scholarship through the UK German connection in 2017 which enabled her to spend a memorable month staying in Bonn, Munich, Berlin and Hamburg. Lidija won the scholarship for an outstanding essay on Fake News and was one of only eight people to be selected from the UK in Germany. One of the highlights of the scholarship was a two week stay with a host family on a strawberry farm in Bayern! Lidija has written about her primary school experience which was part of the scholarship: “To complete the German Scholarships Programme, I did my Primary Ambassadors Project at Brookland Primary School. I decided to use Easter as the theme and talk about German Easter traditions. The aim of the Project is to introduce German to primary school pupils so that when they get the chance they'll want to learn German formally at secondary school. I thoroughly enjoyed giving the class a session on the German language and culture and the children's reaction was entzückend. Many of them started saying that they want to go to Germany now after seeing the colourful pictures of Germany's Easter markets. I couldn't believe how enthusiastic and excited they all were. They had so much fun guessing the English meaning of German cognates and they could pronounce all the words perfectly! I absolutely recommend entering the Scholarship competition; it opens up so many opportunities even after the month in Germany.”

D Supperstone

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