Robotics: More International ‘Silverware’!




25 May

We are pleased to report that the HBS Robotics teams returned to the UK in high spirits after the trip to the USA. This is the first season that teams from both the Vex IQ (plastic) and Vex EDR (metal) leagues have qualified and we are immensely proud of all our girls after a hard fought season. Every year 30,000 teams from 40 counties compete in regional and national competitions, with the aim of qualifying for the World Championships. Only the best 500 teams in each league are invited to compete in Kentucky.

‘HBS The Purge’ kicked off our campaign as they competed in the EDR League. They are the UK ‘Excellence’ award winners 2018 and so came into the competition with lots of experience and determination. With some outstanding matches over the course of the three days, ‘The Purge’ were truly inspirational. They were focused, purposeful and tenacious in their approach to the competition. They were also fantastic ambassadors for ‘women in tech’, with very few all-girls teams qualifying for the World Championships, The Purge were able to show the world just what they are capable of.

Our Vex IQ teams, HBS Vexplosions, HBS Infinity, HBS Vexecutioners and HBS Incredibots arrived one day ahead of the competition and set about re-building and testing their robots. With 4 teams qualified, we had more teams represented than any other UK club so our girls definitely made an impression!

The event is absolutely huge and so it takes a little while to get used to the scale and volume of the event. After the robot pit areas were set up the girls set about finding their teamwork partners and discussing strategy. At the end of the first day of competition our teams were very well placed on the leader board and spirits were high! The second day of competition brought some challenging matches, but our girls are nothing if not resilient and focussed. They practiced well and spoke to the judges with confidence and authority. We’re delighted that three of our teams were recognised and awarded trophies – what an amazing achievement… Henrietta Barnett School recognised for a second year at the very highest level of competitive robotics! HBS Incredibots and HBS Vexecutioners won the Energy Award in their respective divisions while HBS Infinity were presented with the Innovate award.

All of our teams represented the UK and our School with distinction. We are proud of them all!

A Duffey

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