Subject Award Assemblies

Subject Awards


Towards the end of the academic year, Years 7 – 10 have subject awards assemblies, where each department choose an individual student to receive the year’s award. The award might be for someone who has made lots of progress, or someone whose achievements have been particularly impressive, or someone who has been highly committed and enthusiastic. It is also an opportunity for us to congratulate the whole year group on all their fantastic achievements

 Year 7 Subject Awards

Art: Sophie Estabilo 7H

DT: Hanying Xiao 7S

Drama: Sophie Dyachuk 7G

English: Tanvee Dutta 7S

French: Julie Martinez 7B

German: Aroush Malik 7H

Geography: Maya Chakraborty 7B

History: Tosin Jokosenumi 7B

Latin: Keerthana Perinparaj 7B

Maths: Eloise Etherington 7G

Music: Imogen Bowden 7H

RS: Meenakshi Rajakumar 7G

Science: Charvi Varampati 7G

PE: Dhruti Pradhan 7H

Year 9 Subject Awards

Art: Yuri Watanabe 9H.4

DT: Suhani Patel 9B.2

Drama: Clara Heck 9S.3

English: Kinnary Patankar 9G.2

French: Taylor Robinson 9H.4

German: Francesca Bentley 9S.2

Geography: Zahrah Khan 9G.4

History: Mahliha Taylor 9H.3

Latin: Angelette Mendonca 9S.4

Maths: Yasmine Kemp 9H.3

Music: Isabelle Ho 9H.1

RS: Joelle Jean-Marie 9G.1

Spanish: Haneen Ali 9H.1

Physics: Beatrice Bannister 9S.1

Chemistry: Priyal Dhanjal 9H.2

Biology: Sankavi Manoharan 9H.4

PE: Freya Henry 9B.3

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