Year 12 Initiative - Women who Wow: Cathy Newman

Woman Who Wow

On the 13th March we launched our new programme of inspirational female speakers, ‘Women Who Wow’, a series which aims to engage and challenge students beyond expectations, by hearing from leading women from a variety of industries. Our first speaker was Cathy Newman, renowned political journalist and the first female co-presenter of Channel 4 news. Cathy spoke passionately about her campaign for greater gender equality in the media and her experience meeting some of the most influential names in global politics, discussing both the challenges and rewards of her job. After she had spoken Year 12 had the opportunity to ask Cathy a range of questions- debating fake news, post truth politics, and journalism in an age of social media. It was a fantastic opportunity to hear from such a role model in championing justice. Next, we look forward to hearing from Manju Malhotra, the group finance director of Harvey Nichols, and the week after, Rachel Cooke, leading Guardian journalist.

Grace Warren & Amika George, Year 12

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