Vex IQ National Champions!


Our robotics season has been going well this year with fantastic energy, excitement and engineering in the 8 Vex IQ (and 4 Vex EDR) teams! Wednesday saw the climax of the season with the best 40 Vex IQ teams from around the country coming together at the Big Bang Fair to compete for the title of ‘Vex IQ National Champions’. HBS had 6 teams there and we were incredibly proud of their tenacity, determination and ability to strategise and work together with other teams. There were well over 200 qualification and skills matches and the HBS teams put in a commanding performance with 5 teams ending in the top 10 at the end of the qualification rounds. With all 6 teams making it through to the knock out stages tension was high but as always the HBS girls stepped up to the mark and rose to the challenge… As we progressed through the knock out stages 4 of our teams were ranked in the top three alliances and so it was HBS Vs HBS for the title. In a nail biting finish a score of 66 – a new UK record high was posted by one of our closest competitors with only two matches to go! HBS Synergy had to pull off the drive of the season in the penultimate match scoring the new UK high score of 71 – using every millisecond of the 1 minute allotted match time. With just HBS Vexplosions to go in the last match, and nervous faces all round, they stepped up knowing that they would have to produce a stunning drive to take the title….and they did! Scoring 71 matching the previous score they equalled the new record and on qualification rankings took the UK Tournament Champions title! A brilliant day and an exciting end to the UK season. Next stop Kentucky and the World Championships. We are really proud of all our teams, and many congratulations to HBS Blaze, HBS Overdrive, HBS Robosapiens, HBS Coding Angels, HBS Vexplosions, HBS Synergy to making the UK Finals. They picked up 5 trophies in total and put in a dominant performance! Well done one and all!

A Duffey

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