Year 12 Classical Civilisation conference on the Odyssey


On 6th March, students in the Year 12 Classical Civilisation class travelled to central London to listen to a series of talks about the Odyssey from four prestigious classicists. The first speaker, Professor Chris Carey from University College London, spoke about “the three Rs” in the Odyssey: Revelation, Recognition and Reversal, as well as other important themes in the epic. John Taylor (Latinists may know him as the author of several Latin textbooks) talked about the values in Greek society that are prevalent throughout the Odyssey, including heroism and hospitality (xenia in Greek). Professor Edith Hall, from King’s College London, spoke about the role and characterisation of some of the influential women - mortal and immortal - in the Odyssey. Finally, Dr. Peter Jones discussed the role of the gods in the epic, as well as the themes of religion, fate and justice and how they tie in with the main character Odysseus. It was a day full of fascinating talks which all challenged our perceptions of the characters and themes in the epic and will be unquestionably useful for the Odyssey module in AS Classical Civilisation.

Rosita Riahi and Deepali Dholakia Y12

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