Intermediate Maths Challenge Success!


The Intermediate Maths Challenge is one of a number of maths competitions run by UK Mathematics Trust. Over 250,000 students, aged 13 – 16 from more than 3,000 schools participated in February. The competition aims to stimulate mathematical thinking and enhance problem-solving skills. Students had 60 minutes to answer 25 varied multiple-choice problems. High scorers are awarded certificates to recognise their success in mathematics, with top scorers invited to participate in follow-on competitions. HBS girls were awarded 86 Gold Certificates, 95 Silver ones and 76 Bronzes. Moreover, 75 students were invited to participate in Grey and Pink Kangaroo follow-on multiple choice 1 hour long rounds and 6 girls (Deyaanjali Deb, Da-Hyun Ham, Harshita Bihani, Maddie Miyazaki, Pranika Khullar, Mariana Otero) will be participating in Maclaurin, Hamilton and Cayley Olympiads, 2 hour long problem solving competitions. What an impressive result! Very well done and congratulation to all our students!

I Khan


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