Year 10 Classical Civilisation Trip to the British Museum


On Tuesday 28th of March, the Year 10 Classical Civilisation class took a trip to the British Museum. It was very interesting to see the Elgin marbles, which were set out in the exhibition room as they would have been set up on the Parthenon, and we were astonished by the level of detail on the marbles - which extended to the back of the sculptures, even though, if they were on the temple, they would not have been seen! We also loved seeing the carvings, which we had only seen pictures of before, in real life and so close to us, especially the metope panels depicting the Lapith men and the centaurs fighting. 

The exhibition on Greek and Roman life also interested us greatly. There was a lot of pottery on display that portrayed the lives of Ancient Greek and Roman people and we really enjoyed looking through the displays to see the parts of their lives which we recognised and had learnt about in class. We were delighted by how realistic and well preserved the displays were (which extended past just pottery) and left the British Museum even more enthralled by Greek and Roman life. 
Thank you to Miss Cowen, Miss Barker and Miss Batten for taking us to the British Museum and guiding us through the exhibitions!


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