Year 7 Inter-Form Drama Competition


On the final Monday of term, all Year 7 students performed in the Inter-form Drama Competition in the Main Hall. In Drama lessons leading up to the event, each Year 7 form had been given the task of adapting four of Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes. Students worked in small groups taking on roles of Scriptwriters, Directors, Costume/Props Designers and Actors. 

Year 7 presented some excellent work using a range of dramatic techniques explored earlier in the term. The girls were incredibly supportive of each other and enjoyed the opportunity to watch each other perform. A huge thank you to our Year 11 judges Iris Bowdler and Clara Stoddart who gave some very useful critique and had a particularly tough job deciding on the winners of the awards. A number of the awards were collected on behalf of larger groups of students – well done to everyone!

Outstanding Team Players: Tumi Tobun, Sheyna Patel 

Innovative Design: Tatum O’Keefe, Snow White 7G

Supporting Actors: Anneka Vetter, Phillippa Marapao, Alifiyah Chamadia

Best Actors: Lucy Caulfield, Riya Wykes

7H Winning Group: Cinderella

7B Winning Group: Cinderella

7S Winning Group: The Three Little Pigs

7G Winning Group: Snow White

2017 Year 7 Inter-form Drama Competition Runners Up: 7S

2017 Year 7 Inter-form Drama Competition Winners: 7H



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