Year 10 French Exchange


On Friday 24th April, 16 French students from HBS set off on the Eurostar to Paris. We went to spend a week with our French exchanges, who had previously stayed with us in January. In Paris, we got a taste of their lifestyle, culture and the city, whilst also making many new friends. We visited various attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Musée D'Orsay. We even left the city for a day to visit the beautiful Palace of Versailles. In the afternoons we had free time to spend with our exchanges and friends, exploring the city and expanding our French vocabulary. The French teachers were even kind enough to organise a dinner at a Crêperie, along with the Highgate students, where we were able to relax and enjoy a really fun evening with each other. Fortunately, the weather was amazing, meaning we spent lots of time outside, visiting markets, parks, shops, etc. In the evenings, some of us were able to take our bikes and skateboards and ride around the streets of Paris, even seeing the Eiffel Tower light up at night. Overall, the experience was incredible and we have many fantastic memories of the time with our partners, who we intend to keep in touch with, and maybe even visit again. We saw visible improvements in our French after the trip, and now feel a lot more confident contributing in lessons. The exchange gave us an insight into the French lifestyle that we could not have got simply by visiting the city. Although we are sad to have left, we are eager to return again to improve our French. We're very thankful to Mr Haywood for facilitating and Mrs Belkin for accompanying this trip, and letting us have this experience, and we hugely recommend it to future French students!

Sana Khan, 10S.3 and Sara Allidina 10B.2

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