Fieldtrip to Iceland

It is well recognised within the HBS community that the Geography trip to Iceland is indescribable; all I can say on the matter, is that it truly is a once in a lifetime experience. The feat of taking 41 girls away is one that should be highly commended, so hats off to our entourage of teachers. We started our 6 day activity packed tour with something foreign to us. Relaxation. The Blue Lagoon spa, with its geothermally heated pools, silica mud musks and floating bar is incredible; certainly living up to the photos. After such a strenuous first day we were treated to dinner at a local restaurant before casually glancing at the sky, only to discover, that a Northern Lights shower was welcoming our group to Reykjavik.
Don't stand on a geysir, they are rather hot. Spouting at up to 35 metres we cowered in the magnificence of the boiling springs and only a lucky few were able to whip out their cameras in time. The plethora of waterfalls in Iceland is phenomenal. Not only did we see the end of a rainbow at Skogafoss (we found no gold), but stood in awe at Gullfoss, one of Iceland’s largest and most impressive. Seljalandfoss waterfall invited us to gain a new perspective that many were understandably intimidated by; to walk behind the wall of water. This was one of the highlights of the trip, as we could suddenly engage with the very thing we are taught about at school.
The cultural side of our break provided an insight into our hosts. Visiting the folk museum taught us of the past, the southern most village of Vik, the present, and the Icelandic President's house the future. Our penultimate last day found us hiking up the side of a crater in what could be described as a mild snow storm; the icing on the top of the volcano. Possibly the best aspect of the trip was the unplanned stops along the way. Whether it be for the teachers to bond with wild Icelandic horses, unspoilt bright blue rivers or even to stretch our legs whilst standing on two tectonic plates, what we learnt is that Iceland is a country rich with natural and cultural beauty. In the moment it can feel surreal and overwhelming, finally being able to connect with a steep-sided gorge, but I urge you to go on this trip, because you will never forget it (and take me in your suitcase).
Imogen Kilcoyne, Yr 11

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