A level Music Recitals


Huge congratulations to our 5 musicians, who performed their A level recitals in an outstanding concert on Tuesday, whilst also being recorded and marked as a major part of their A level Music on Tuesday. Rachel Kendal performed on classical guitar, including a wonderful rendition of the adagio from Concerierto de Aranjuez by Rodrigo, skilfully accompanied by the HBS orchestra. Regina Sinko played three flute pieces, including a fantastic performance of the hauntingly intriguing “Syrinx” by Debussy. Lara Cosmetatos gave a mesmerising performance of a series of French songs by Faure and Poulenc. Karen Shiraishi transported us into a toe-tapping jazz arena with captivating voice and piano renditions of a trio of Stevie Wonder songs. Veena Sathiendran gave a highly accomplished performance of Rag Bageshri on sitar accompanied by her brother Janan on tabla. The standard of all five performances was exceptionally high and as audience, we all felt immensely proud of our talented musicians. Three additional Year 13 students, who do not take A level Music but are none-the-less excellent musicians, also performed for us. Jai Shende, Lylaah Bhalerao and Julia Lasica gave a fantastic performance of the beautiful but challenging piece, “Shepherd on the rock” by Schubert (voice, clarinet and piano respectively). A very big well done, and thank you for a great evening, to them all!

Del Cooke

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