Key Stage 3 Solo Speaking Competition 2017


This week in our KS3 assemblies, the finalists from each form competed to win top spot for their year group and a place in next week’s winners’ assembly and the standard was exceptionally high.

On Tuesday 9th May, Hannah Giles (7H) gave a passionately persuasive speech about why we should all be proud to call ourselves feminists in her talk ‘The F Word’, followed by Sharani Mariyanayagam (7B) who challenged us always to follow our ‘Dreams’. Then came Evie Nicholls (7S), who alerted us to the appeal and the mixed messages we receive from ‘Disney Princesses’, and finally Sheyna Patel (7G) gave a very powerful speech on why ‘Barbie’ is not a positive role model for girls.

On Thursday 11th May, it was Year 9’s turn and Nuha Ahmed (9.1) began proceedings with a moving and perceptive speech about ‘Islamophobia’. Irina-Petra Husti-Radulet (9.2) followed with a provocative speech about the nature of ‘Swearing’, and then Poppy Medenis (9.3) spoke to us about the over-use of ‘The Word Sorry’. Nidhi Chauhan (9.4) gave a thoroughly entertaining speech about ‘Honesty’, using her own experiences as examples.

Finally on Friday 12th May, the Year 8 finalists performed their speeches, starting with Bathra Dinesh (8.1) who regaled us with memories of her school’s nativity play in order to convey her message about the importance of confidence. Kinnary Patankar (8.2) cleverly wove a message about our need for approval and compliments into her speech titled ‘Happy Birthday’, and then Angela Qiu gave a moving speech about lack of freedom in North Korea. Lastly, Taylor Robinson told us that ‘An Idler Should not be our Idol’ and berated us for being wasteful of our resources.

We were lucky to have Mrs Cooke and Ms Watts as judges on the different days, and they both gave invaluable feedback on each speech and on the standard overall.
Year 7 Winner: Hannah Giles
Year 8 Winner: Bathra Dinesh
Year 9 Winner: Poppy Medenis
With thanks to all of the English teachers who run the preliminary rounds of the competition.

E Garth

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