HBS Refugee Society

HBS Refugee Society

On the 9th May, the newly established HBS Refugee Society, in conjunction with HBS Current Affairs Society, was delighted to welcome Danielle Lawrence, a co-founder of Help Refugees UK. Danielle spoke about the creation of the charity, particularly the moment that she realised the necessity of urgent action to aid the refugees caught up in common crisis. Her account of meeting an 8 year old unaccompanied minor living in the ‘Calais Jungle’ moved many of the audience to tears. Danielle’s charity continues to work with those living on the front line of the crisis, providing crucial support for not only the refugees but also local communities. Danielle’s message to take immediate action about the issues we are passionate about, inspired the audience. HBS Refugee Society hopes to take heed of this message and work to raise funds for this charity. There will be more information on this in upcoming newsletters. Link to Help Refugees UK charity:

Help Refugees -

"Civilisations fall apart when we stop caring for our fellow men.” – Katherine Hamnett, designer of the 'Choose Love' T-shirt, donated to Help Refugees

Lili Balkin and Julia Lasica, Year 13

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