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Thank you for helping us to get so many new books for the library. Our recent events (Maths week, Economics week, Classics week, History week…) wouldn’t have been such a success without lots of new attractive books to borrow. Everybody has really enjoyed having new books to read. Next events coming: lots of Politics around the general elections, a languages event and the New Designers Exhibition. The links below take you to your chosen Amazon list. A donation ‘plate’ will be fixed inside the book to acknowledge your gift, and a credit will also appear on the online Library Catalogue. Fiction History/Geography/Politics/Economics/ RE/Philosophy/Psychology English, Drama, Music, MFL, Classics, PE Science, Careers, Wellbeing
 From the list add your chosen books to your ‘basket’
 Select the delivery address: Ms Lucie Humeau, HBS Librarian
 Add your ‘gift message’ in the box to let us know who has sent the book and what you would like printed on the donation ‘plate’ (your name/your daughter’s name and dates at HBS/ or etc).
 Select FREE delivery – if your order total is more than £10
 Make your payment
Once your books have arrived, we will send you a letter of thanks so you know they have arrived safely. If you have any questions or perhaps suggestions for other books, please feel free to email me, at We are very grateful for your help! L Humeau

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