Intermediate Biology Olympiad Success!


Last week, 25 students from Year 12 took part in the Intermediate Biology Olympiad. Over 5600 students competed across the country! We are thrilled to report that the following students received awards in this competition: Nazifa Ahsan, Nivetha Ramesh and Deepika Kumanan were awarded Gold, placing them in the top 6.7% of participants. Shlokah Hira, Bhumi Shah, Emma Sun, Marisa Becirovic, Ramyasree Thogata and FoongJun Yap were awarded Silver. Shelvatharshini Thiruchelvam, Sasha Nayar, Shreetama Mukherjee and Shari Vockrodt were awarded Bronze. Grace Baby, Celine Chan Ah Song, Hiba Siddiqui and Nelima Hossain were Highly Commended. Sophia Koumis and Devinder Srai were Commended. Congratulations to everyone who took part! We are very proud of you!

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