Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award: Final Expedition 15th-16th July

Duke of Edinburgh

Overall the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award was a great experience as it opened up many opportunities in each area: Volunteering, Skills, Physical and the Expedition. Completing the Volunteering, Skills and Physical sections were good ways to meet new people and try new things. The expedition was amazing, it took most of us out of our comfort zones and allowed us to test our fitness as well as our camp craft and at some points even our friendships. Even though it was a long walk through the forest and a lot of fields, the feeling of accomplishment was definitely worth it. We wouldn't have been able to achieve what we have over the past year without Miss Thompson and Miss Boxall constantly helping us along and making sure we had everything signed and handed in on time. The Bronze DofE was really fun and 100% worth doing!

Tara Arora, 10 G

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