Year 10 Munich Exchange July 2017


On Monday 3rd July, 31 German students from Year 10 along with Ms. Thompson, Mrs. Graff and Miss Barker flew to Munich, Germany for a week of German culture and immersion. Under glorious sunshine and clear blue sky, we were greeted by our friends from the Edith-Stein Gymnasium at the Ostbahnhof. We spent a wonderful evening with our partners, and had some very delicious traditional food! On the next day, we joined our friends for a morning of lessons. We took delight in being able to talk to other German students and teachers, and some of us were able to help out the younger years with their spoken English, which was very enjoyable. On 5th July, we had an excursion to the Tegernsee, a beautiful lake surrounded by alpine landscape and lush greenery. Both the location and its surroundings were extremely scenic, and combined with the gorgeous weather, lots of us took great photos! During the week, we also had a walking tour of Munich, where we learned about the history of the city and visited two Classical museums of architecture and statuary. Throughout the course of the week, our confidence improved dramatically, and we all increased our cultural and linguistic knowledge. Staying in Munich, where we need to speak German more often, meant that we got to know the language better and our use of German became more natural and fluent. In fact, by the end of the week, some of us had begun to think and exclaim in German instead of English! Throughout the trip, our teachers were extremely caring and attentive to our needs, which made our journey more comfortable and efficient. So, we want to say thank you! Finally, we bid our exchanges goodbye and left in tears; but fortunately, some of us will be seeing them again very soon!    

Yuxin Lu (10B)

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