Higher percentage of A* grades at A level in 2017 despite the major national changes to A levels


Huge congratulations to our A level students on their excellent results, despite the radical reforms to the examination system nationally. The school’s ethos of encouraging students to think for themselves and engage with their academic subjects beyond the confines of examination specifications has once again helped them to develop the resilience and self-reliance that they need to perform at the highest level when under pressure.

As a result, an impressive 43% of results were A* grades (even more than last year).  75% achieved A* or A grades and over 94 % A*- B grades.  80 students achieved A* or A grades in at least 3 subjects, 30 achieved 3 A* grades or more and 10 students gained 4 A* grades or more.  One even achieved 5A* grades!

Among the many achievements across academic subjects, all 10 students taking Latin gained A* grades and students achieved over 90% A* or A grades in six subjects. 

Direct comparisons with previous years are invidious because of the scope of the changes, but it is reassuring to know that the quality of our students continues to be reflected in consistently excellent results. 

These examinations are only a small part of all that this year group have achieved over their years at HBS. They have been fully immersed in the extensive extra-curricular life of the school and they will be sorely missed.

We are proud of all of our students as they look forward to continuing their lives studying a broad range of subjects at top universities and in careers where their HBS grounding will enable them to take on the world! They will undoubtedly go on to achieve great things and we wish them well!


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