English Extension welcomes Professor Helen Hackett from UCL


Professor Helen Hackett from UCL returned to English Extension on Wednesday 4th October to give a talk on ‘Moors, Turks and ‘others’: what did Shakespeare know about different races?’ which was particularly useful for Year 13 who are studying ‘Othello’. She started by making reference to other Moors in Shakespeare’s plays, and how they were presented in travel writing of the time. She linked these ideas to specific speeches in ‘Othello’, and talked about recent research which suggests that interracial marriages might not have been as rare as we have believed. She answered questions about the play, as well as talking about applying to study English at UCL. The session was very well attended and we are very grateful to Helen for her ongoing interest in our students.

Wednesday 11th and Wednesday 18th October – the English Department is taking Year 12 students to Keats’ House. We will be showing the DVD of Tennessee Williams’ play ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ in E4 at lunchtime on both those days in place of talks.

E Garth

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